Matt Allen

Front-End Software Developer

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Hi, I'm a front-end web/mobile developer based in Waterloo, Ontario. I love coding and learning new technologies.

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Most recently I worked at a company called SSIMWave as a Front-End Software Developer. Their products focused on analyzing and optimizing video quality of experience. While there I mainly used Javascript with the AngularJS framework. My job focused on changing the designs of the web pages into actual HTML code, communicating with the backend so that it could start services and collect data to then populate the databases with, and then retrieve said data to then display on the interface.

Self Projects

In my own time, I created two games and listed them on the Google Play Store using the Unity Game Engine. Both of the games were pretty simple but helped me understand how to use Unity better. I hope to continue using Unity in the future.

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I am a graduate of the Computer Programmer / Analyst course at Conestoga College. While there I learned a multitude of languages including C#, Javascript, and ASP.NET. I received an advanced diploma and am on the Dean's Honor List (80% average in all courses with no failed ones).


I took computer programming in both grades 11 and 12. This is where I finally started to learn the basics of coding. We started by learning Turing and then the Java the year after. I also went to the Skills Ontario Competition for both 2D and 3D animation. They were both really interesting to be in, but also made me realize I wasn't cut out for that sort of thing.


In the summer between grade 5 and 6 I went to a summer camp called CrazTechz. This was my first real experience with programming. While there I used adobe flash to create a game I could call my own. I enjoyed it so much I went back the next year for the intermediate camp.

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